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I didn’t know, what I didn’t know.


The following patient reached to The Ortho Prophet out via social media to discuss her personal experience turned nightmare. She declined her voice being recorded and posted but accepted having our conversation transcribed.

OP: Hi there! Tell me about yourself.
Panelist: Hey. I am a little nervous to share my story. Are you sure I won’t…my voice won’t be heard? I don’t want to be sued.
OP: Absolutely. My goal is to only share your story so that I can help others. Panelist: I am 28 years old and I live in a suburb outside of Atlanta, GA.
OP: Why did you initially go to the orthodontist?
Panelist: My teeth were crooked. I was embarrassed when I smile.
OP: Did you find the orthodontist online or did your general dentist refer you?
Panelist: I was referred to the orthodontist but the price was way too high. I was on a social media site and saw an add pop up for this company. My friend helped me take the impressions and they mailed these clear trays to me. I only had to pay around $2,000 compared to my orthodontist that charged $6,500. I paid a down payment and am still making monthly payments.
OP: So are you happy with your results? Any issues?
Panelist: No I’m not. (Panelist began crying and after 5 minutes she continued.)
OP: Can you help me and my readers understand why you aren’t happy by elaborating?
Panelist: In the beginning, I started feeling pain but I thought this was normal. I wasn’t due for my cleaning yet so I decided to just continue with the trays like I was instructed to. I was supposed to wear the trays for 1.5 weeks, around 20 hours a day. I only took them out when I ate.
OP: Thank you. Before we go any further, can you tell me if you went to the dentist regularly? Did they ever discuss with you gum disease? Did they ever send you to a periodontist?
Panelist: I have always gone to the dentist. There was a time during college that I went a whole year and I hated it. I love my teeth to feel clean and be white! I have never had problems with
my gums and when the hygienist poked my gums she always said I was healthy. She did say that I had a 4 one time and that I needed to focus in that area.
OP: Thank you for elaborating on that. I really appreciate it and I think it is very important for everyone to know that. So that I don’t take up too much of your time, can we jump forward to the end of your clear aligner therapy and your present condition?
Panelist: Of course. So I had noticed my teeth feeling loose about half way through but was advised that this is common with orthodontic stuff. Once I finished, I went to my dentist for a check
up and they told me that I needed to go see a gum specialist and a surgeon…you know the ones that pull out your wisdom teeth.
OP: Yes. I understand. So they advised you going to a periodontist and an oral surgeon for what? Did they explain why?
Panelist: They said that because my teeth were moved so fast that it messed with the bone that holds my teeth and some type of connected tissue and a ligament. My teeth are loose now and I
have to have some implants.
OP: Oh no! I am so so sorry. This is just terrible. I don’t know how to express how bad I feel for you. I am so very sorry. For our listeners and readers to clarify…after your clear aligner treatment was over, your bone, periodontal ligament and connective tissue was compromised which caused your teeth to become loose. You
now need some extractions and implants.
Panelist: Yes. I tried contacting the company but they said I should have read the disclaimers.

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