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At the American Aligner Society, our mission
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"As a practicing cosmetic dentist, the American Aligner Society’s digital newsletters are top notch and my go to source. I love reading the articles that are published monthly. They bring value to my practice.
-Dr. Reynolds."

"I was a speaker for an orthodontic company for many years before I found the American Aligner Society. My eyes were truly opened to the monopoly of the dental industry. Thank you for bringing awareness to our profession!
-Dr. White "

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Regain Control of our Profession

We are a group of dental and medical professionals whose vision is to improve the lives of patients by providing comprehensive care through prevention which is what patients truly deserve. We believe it is our ethical duty to provide optimal care for our patients. By aligning professions and industries, our goal of providing awareness to the patients and the public is more easily accomplished due to open communication.

Why we care…

One company and/or corporation should not be allowed to dominate, dictate, or control treatment decisions. It is deemed a monopoly that negatively impacts consumers, patients and the public as a whole. Unfortunately, corporate dictated care and control affects the ability to make appropriate and individual treatment decisions. Subsequently, patients and the public are led to believe that dental and medical professionals’ oversight is no longer important or deemed necessary. As a result, dental and medical professionals no longer have the freedom to choose the best option for their patients. It is therefore the intent of the American Aligner Society to protect the dental and medical industries by keeping the public informed regarding corporate tactics premised solely on financial gain.

Benefits of Membership

Benefits of Membership

The American Aligner Society provides an open forum for patients. They are able to view and better understand their providers’ clinical experience rather than biased review site platforms. This allows patients to better understand the treatment plans given to them and whether a certain procedure may or may not be appropriate for them. In addition, patients will be able to view their provider’s accomplishments, education, credentials and background in their respective industry.

The Members

Our providers have the ability to list their practice locations, years in practice, treatment options (holistic and traditional) offered, experience, knowledge base, and transparency by listing whether they receive endorsements from recommending specific services. By offering open access to the public, patients will be privy to the provider’s history, credentials and skills.

The Labs

The American Aligner Society lab portal facilitates access for members and includes best pricing options. With this information, each provider can determine the best pricing and lab specific treatment options for their patients.


About our members

The American Aligner Society aligns all medical and dental professions. We are the only fully inclusive dental organization. Our members include, but are not limited to: Orthodontists, General Dentists, TMJ specialists, Myofunctional Therapists, Physical Therapists, Physicians, Nurses and Dental Hygienists. Through a dedication to best practices we aim to secure superior results. United together, we can make a difference in patient’s smiles, their health and the lives they lead.

How it works...

By joining the American Aligner Society, our providers will secure their role in the treatment conversations. We are able to control better pricing for our participating Doctors and their patients, a membership in American Aligner Society will allow us to stand as ONE VOICE, not influenced by outside profit motives, but as American Aligner Society Members.


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