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Educating Honestly

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As dental clinicians, we are expected to provide care based on the highest standards of knowledge and clinical skill as well as maintaining and enhancing those standards. Where do we, as dental professionals, draw the line between meeting our patient’s “wants” and “needs”?

The current clear aligner industry’s market worth is an estimated 2.85 Billion and is projected to be worth 10.04 Billion by 2028. 40% of general dentists and orthodontists push and market clear aligner therapy over traditional bracket therapy. The direct to consumer clear aligner industry is growing steadily because as consumers, we are accustomed to having our “wants” met immediately with just the click of a button. One particular direct to consumer aligner company has treated over 1 million patients.

Coincidentally, the prevalance of misalignment, malocclusion and tooth mobility is increasing at an alarming rate. Why aren’t dental professionals taking a stand, fighting back and explaining to every patient the true risks involved with “just straightening the teeth?”

I encourage each dental provider to develop a relationship with each patient built upon trust and when a patient expresses interest in straightening their teeth, don’t just try to make “the sale” for your practice, educate them. Ask questions. Don’t make them run to the next direct to consumer aligner company that they see on social media. You may be surprised that what the patient wants is your honesty and your professional opinion.
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In the grace of the Truth, re-examine all that you’be been told.


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