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Hinman Alternative – FREE Virtual Meeting

Virtual Meeting Information


Here is the link that everybody can click into for the Thursday and Friday event:

This will take them to my DentalCast Productions website and the specific page that has been created for this event.

On this page they will see 3 Main Things:

1-The LIVE Stream Box-This is where they will watch
2-The Chat Box-This is where they can ask questions, etc
3-The Google Doc Form where after each day, they can input their name, email and Course Code. They will have to do that in order to get their CE Certificate.


Nobody needs to login to watch. All they have to do is click on the link and they will be able to start watching once the event begins.

Here are some tips while watching:

A Couple Tips/Notes:

1- I would advise to watch on a laptop, desktop or tablet if that is possible.

2- You will want to click on the link at least 10 minutes before start time to ensure that you see the page.

3-Once the stream starts, if you don’t hear the sound, there is a little volume icon in the bottom left of the screen, just click on that. Sometimes based on your browser, that is automatically shut to off, so all you have to do is activate that.

4-If during the stream, the screen freezes, refreshing your browser usually solves that issue almost every time.

5-There is text box below the video box where you can ask questions of the guests, moderators, etc. I will be in the chat box as well if you want we to ask any questions to the panel. Once you start typing in the chat box and hit enter, it will ask you for a user name that you want shown on the screen. Be sure to do that. Once you do that, you will see your user name and comments in the text thread.

6-Once the event is over, the team will share a Course Code for your CE. Below the chat box is a Google Form where you can put in your name and email and course code. All you have to do is enter that info and we will have verified info that you watched the stream for your CE. A CE Certificate will be sent to you within 3-5 days after the event.

7-If during the event, you have any questions, you can email Megan at:
[email protected] or call her at 216 408 0493

Enjoy the great course!

Virus FREE online meeting! We are LIVE STREAMING this week!!!!

Due to the sudden cancellation of numerous dental conventions (including the Hinman Dental Society Meeting), the American Aligner Society has stepped forward to provide a FREE virtual meeting entitled “Resisting Fear” next Thursday and Friday, March 19-20. Hosting an online event like this should rally all dental influencers to take the lead in resisting this current state of panic. Lets gather together ONLINE, “Keep Calm,” and lead by example.

The Society and its Sponsors will be offering FREE attendance AND Continuing Education (CE Credit) due to the fact that many of you have already committed time and financial resources to travel elsewhere. With the amazing help of Dental Cast Productions, Wizdom Dental Ed Solutions, and the Dental Peeps Network, we will be live streaming some VERY TIMELY content to anyone wishing to attend online and receive FREE CE.

The American Aligner Society is a non-profit domestic trade organization created to specifically “align” like-minded successful business people and entrepreneurs in the healthcare industry. You’ll find a mix of dentists, physicians, high tech 3D scanning and printing labs, dental supply companies, motivational speakers, treatment coordinators, experts on aligning teeth, aligning jaws for better airway and sleep, dental franchisors, “virtual” round table discussions, and much more. It’s an event you’re sure to enjoy.

brian-carterBrian A. Carter
American Aligner Society

March 19-20

Day #2 Agenda
8 am- Welcome to the American Aligner Society – Brian Carter, President
8:30 am – Dr. David Carter – Clear Ortho Solutions Consulting
9 am – R.J. Adolfi – Forever Aligned Club COO & Former CEO and Founding Member Aspen Dental
10:00 am – Keith Nelson – Carestream Dental – Director of Corporate Accounts
11:00 am – Michael Hendricks & Joel Siegel – uLab Systems
12:00 pm – Lunch Break!
1:00 pm – Greg Pellogrom – Smile Snap CEO
2:00pm – Kerrie Velky – Velky Dental LLC – Green Solutions in Dentistry
2:30 pm – Randy Barrs – FAC Dental Recycling CEO
3:00 pm – Dr. Brody Hildebrand – Preston Hollow Specialists
4:00 pm – Lee Duke – Founder / CEO – Dental Peeps Network | Dr. Brody Hildebrand – Preston Hollow Specialists CEO
5:00 pm – Closing Remarks